Episode 9, the Disappearing Kingdom: Medes and the Median Empire

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Names of the characters mentioned

Dioces: the “founder” of the Median Empire according to Herodotus (possibly inspired by the Mannean Diakku, mentioned in Assyrian annales)

Phraortes: his son, possibly the chief Kashtariti mentioned in the chronicle of Essarhaddon

Cyaxares: the greatest of the Median kings, according to Herodotus, and the “conqueror” of Assyria. Possibly Umakishtar who is mentioned in the Gadd Chronicle and said by the Babylonian chronicles to be the person who sacked Assur/Ashur.

Astyages: the last of the Median Emperors, possibly Ishtumigu of the Babylonian chronicles.

median_empire_map chaldeamap

Modern, Artist's imagination of the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon"

Modern, Artist’s imagination of the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon”


  1. Great to hear the new episode! I am a newcomer after seeing your podcast linked over at The History of Byzamtium.

    As an Australian, it is easy to find information about Egypt and the western Roman Empire. The eastern Roman Empire gets brushed over and the civilisations further east tend to be clouded in a mist that only gets parted when there is a critical war,

    Until I found this podcast, Elam was just a region that appeared on maps without any deep explanatory ‘meaning’ of its importance. It would appear that it was significant in no small part due to its access to the necessary resources for metallurgy: the second great pillar of civilisation (after agriculture, which it also appeared to have in abundance). Due you have access to maps that might show the locations of ancient mines for the copper, tin, iron they might have used?

    I look forward greatly to where your narrative takes us!

  2. با سلام، بنده فارغ التحصيل ایرانشناسی هستم، خوشبخت میشم اگر عضویت بنده رادرسایت وریس بوکتان بپذیرید. سپاسگزارم

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