History is Written by Those Who Know How to Write!, an internet outreach site entirely written by Khodadad Rezakhani, has existed since 1997 (previously at a Iranology DOT com which was stolen) and since 1999 at this address. It was meant as a comprehensive site to provide information about Iranian history and culture. The site features basic information about Iran, a History Page that forms the main contents of the website, as well as research and popular articles on the subject of history. The site also functions as the host for the English language History of Iran podcast as well as my history Podcast in Persian. Now, also follow my new Twitter project, @historianofIran, which is a rotating weekly account where different scholars of Iranian history, culture, and languages write about their work for a week at a time!

The site is regularly updated with English and Persian podcasts, a blog (Swift Appraisals) and a blog on historical issues, mostly written by the author and the webmaster, Khodadad Rezakhani. If you wish to feature your writing that you feel is related to the subject of the site, please contact me via either the contact form or my email, khodadad AT ucla DOT edu and I would be happy to consider your contribution, credited to you.

Please check back regularly for updates and follow the website for latest updates.


  1. I am enjoying your podcasts, thank you very much for putting these together! When will you be posting episide 11 and the rest of the history of Syrus?

  2. I’m listening to the podcast for the first time. I’m using I tunes to listen to episode 2 but can find no link to get the map that is spoken of.

    Thanks for any help. I think I will enjoy the podcast but would like to get the visual side too.


  3. From a fellow UCLA grad (not a historian, though): please, please continue with the podcast! I miss it. I learned so much about the history of Iran from it, and it was interrupted too early in its story. Could you please bring it back?

  4. I discovered the podcast last night, but it stops in 2015, what happened? Life got in the way?
    why not continue – in the spirit of “The History of Rome” and “The History of Philosophy without any Gaps”?

  5. Dear Mr. Rezakhani,

    Is the podcast dead? Or, are you planning to continue at some future date?

  6. I hesitate to add my name to your list of followers as an old white man, surely not your preferred audience. Nevertheless, in your presentation, sometimes halting, always genuine, your erudition and humanity is evident throughout.

  7. I just caught up with the show today. It’s great. I wish more academic podcasters got institutional support like Peter Adamson.

  8. I am trying to contact Dr. Khodadad Rezakhani, to ask if I can use his photograph of the rock-relief at Rag-i Bibi in a small book that I am writing for Osprey Publications, Oxford, England

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