Swift Appraisal

Writing from the Air

I am blogging from an airplane, on my phone’s blogging app. Isn’t technology wonde… I mean awful!

This is also the day that the British Parliament, after two years of dragging the world around so to figure out how they can best preserve their privileges and pretend they still have an empire, tell is that they still are hoping they are thrown a lifeline. Theresa May’s “deal” failed again, and she voted against her own deal. This is what privileged countries can do: act like a complete failed state, and still present themselves as a “world power”! Imagine the current state of the affairs going on in Lebanon, for example! We would never heard the end of it…

Swift Appraisal… again!

For many years I had a weblog, mostly in Persian, where I wrote my random thoughts, notes, and just observations. It has mostly disappeared from the face of the web, and this is my attempt at recreating it. I will try to post regularly, in Persian and English and get back to the habit of writing regularly.