My name is Khodadad Rezakhani, and I am a historian of late antique Near East, mostly interested in the Sasanian and Byzantine empires and the early Islamic period. I hold a PhD on the subject from UCLA and am a professional academic. I also have a deep interest in the history of ancient and mediaeval Central Asia, numismatics, and Indo-European philology. I in fact became a historian because of my interest in early mediaeval history of Europe, particularly northern Europe and the “Viking Lands”, although I get to do that less often these days.

This site is a place for me to gather all my various web projects. It serves as a home for my History of Iran Podcast, my History Page, and links to my other sundry appearances in and around the cyber world. I occasionally will post little articles or notes about subjects that I find interesting or informative too, so please come back and check often.

Here, you can see my academia.edu webpage. My current CV can also be found here.

I occasionally write a Persian Weblog which might be of interest to those who can read Persian.

This is a little photo-essay of me and my family.

About the History of Iran Podcast

The History of Iran Podcast is dedicated to the history of the lands of Iran, in its broadest, pre-modern nation-state sense. It will not be straight political history and will include many episodes on aspects of social, economic, cultural, and artistic history. Please send me your comments, questions, and suggestions please!


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