An updated list of my publications can be found on my page. The following are a selected number of them. I also regularly and irregularly write in various online journals and appear on the media. These can be found on my blog or on my media appearances page.


ReOrienting the Sasanians: East Iran in Late Antiquity, Edinburgh University Press, 2017.

From Oxus to Euphrates: the World of Late Antique Iran (co-authored with Touraj Daryaee)

Excavating an Empire:Achaemenid Persia in Longue Durée (co-edited with Touraj Daryaee and Ali Mousavi)


Arab Conquests and Sasanian Iran.” History Today, April 2017.

The Road That Never Was: the Silk Road and Tran-Eurasian Exchange 

Markets for Land, Labour and Capital in Late Antique Iraq, AD 200-700 (with Michael Morony)

From the “Cleavage” of Central Asia to Greater Khurasan: History and Historiography of Late Antique East Iran

Continuity and Change in Late Antique Iran: An Economic View of the Sasanians

Edited Journal

Sasanian Iran and Beyond: a Special Volume in Honour of Michael G. Morony and His Contributions to Late Antique History (Iranian Studies, Vol. 49/2)

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