An updated list of my publications can be found on my page. The following are a selected number of them. I also regularly and irregularly write in various online journals and appear on the media. These can be found on my blog or on my media appearances page.


The Road That Never Was: the Silk Road and Tran-Eurasian Exchange 

Markets for Land, Labour and Capital in Late Antique Iraq, AD 200-700 (with Michael Morony)

From the “Cleavage” of Central Asia to Greater Khurasan: History and Historiography of Late Antique East Iran

Continuity and Change in Late Antique Iran: An Economic View of the Sasanians


From Oxus to Euphrates: the World of Late Antique Iran (co-authored with Touraj Daryaee)

Excavating an Empire:Achaemenid Persia in Longue Durée (co-edited with Touraj Daryaee and Ali Mousavi)

Edited Journal

Sasanian Iran and Beyond: a Special Volume in Honour of Michael G. Morony and His Contributions to Late Antique History (Iranian Studies, Vol. 49/2)


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